Project Module: International Economics Blog

Master course (M.Sc.)

Course description


The course deals with current topics of international economics and international trade politics. The students shall, as a team divided in several sub-groups, identify relevant issues, scientifically analyse them and present their results in a popular scientific way. Specifically, the task is to set up an online blog to present the results of the group work. The main challenges are, on the one hand, to organise the sub-groups and, on the other hand, to analyse complex topics according to scientific standards, whereat the results should focus on the main aspects and should be presented to a broad audience in a comprehensive way.

Learning objectives

The objectives of this course are the coordination and organization of the group and sub-groups, which mainly requires communication skills from the students. Moreover, the scientific analysis demands the ability to understand economic literature and to link basic theories to current economic issues and, if necessary, to test them empirically. Therefore, the course aims to improve the analytical methods expertise of the students. Presenting the results in an online blog, additiionally requires the ability to work with digital media to a great extent.

The course is taught in English.